Born Two be Wild Safari Birthday


Size Chart Kids T-Shirt Long/Short Sleeve
Garment Features:
  • Style - Short Sleeve
  • Fabric - 100% Cotton - Selected Colors Melange Poly/Cotton
  • Melange Poly/Cotton Colors :
    • Charcoal
    • Grey
    • Maroon
    • Khaki
Size Chart Kids T-Shirt Long/Short Sleeve
1-2 Years27cm
2-3 Years31.5cm
3-4 Years32cm
4-5 Years33.5cm
5-6 Years34cm
6-7 Years35cm
7-8 Years36.5cm
8-9 Years37cm
9-10 Years38cm

Get this Born Two be Wild Safari Birthday design printed on your choice of our Proudly Locally Manufactured Premium Garments.

Our printed baby clothes are an ideal gift and this 2nd birthday design is only available in English.

NOTE: When choosing the color of your garment, ensure that the design color complements and remains visible on the chosen garment.

Please have a look at the Garment Size Charts above for available sizes and measurements for each Garment Type.

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