My Sister & i Product Designer | Add Image | Tips & Tricks

My Sister & i Product Designer | Add Image | Tips & Tricks

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

When using the My Sister & i Product designer to create your own design you’ll most probably want to add an image to the design from your pc. You might want to add your Babies Photo to a Design your own Long Sleeve Onesie or to a Custom Fluffy Fleece Blanket. What ever it might be knowing exactly how to do it and how to evaluate the quality of your uploaded image.

The purpose of this post is to take the Add Image feature offered by the My Sister & i Product designer and break it down into easy to follow step by step instruction to ensure you know exactly what you can do with the designer.

What we’ll cover

  • Add Image Function
  • Uploading an Image
  • Upload Ratings Explained
  • Using Pixabay Images

Time needed: 1 minute

How to Add Images to your design in the My Sister & i Product Designer

  1. Adding a Image to your Design

    Our Design App offers 2 options for adding images to your design.
    Option 1 – Add an image from your PC.
    Option 2 – Choose a Image from the Pixabay image Library.
    Both these options can be found under the Add image feature highlighted in the image below.My Sister & i Product Designer | Add Image | Tips & Tricks

  2. Adding an Image from your PC

    Click the Add Image button. Then in the window that opens, Either drag and drop your image onto the block labeled ” Click or Drop Image here”, or click and navigate to your image and click open.
    Uploaded images are given a rating(out of 3 stars), once uploaded to view your image rating hover over the image.
    1 star is the minimum requirement for a fair print. If your image does not score even 1 star we’d suggest not using the image in your design as the image might print pixelated. The solid filled stars indicate the image star rating. My Sister & i Product Designer | Add Image | Tips & Tricks

  3. Pixabay Library

    To use images from the Pixabay Library click the Pixabay Tab in the Add Image window. You can enter a search phrase or keyword into the search bar to filter the options to what you are looking for.


Adding images and understanding the ratings is fairly easy as you can see. Now that you know how to upload images to the designer. You can use any Design program to create your design. Then export it as a PNG or SVG with a transparent background. Then import it to our designer and place onto a garment you want printed.

Be sure to Check out our YouTube Channel. We regularly post How-to video with Step by Step instruction on creating your own designs on multiple different themes and garments.

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